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AdvocacyProductions has the objective of supporting advocacy as a contribution to building longer-term sustainable solutions to intractable humanitarian, development and social problems. We see preservation and archiving of material for future exploitation and research as an obligation in pursuit of this objective.

Working in contexts where key data and information can play a very important role in reconciliatory processes or even in international legal proceedings, we securely safe-guard material which could otherwise be lost in the turbulence of time.

Archival sources will include:

  • film and photographic material
  • documents which are often used in advocacy campaigns and need a repository outside of the context they were produced in
  • speaking notes, audio recordings, proceedings
  • meeting minutes and other testimonials, such as intervention letters, etc.

All these can be stored safely by AdvocacyProductions and accessed through an identification system that will allow ethical research to be applied.