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AdvocacyProductions Sàrl
(limited company) is a Geneva-based film
production company whose strategy is to partner with
aid organisations, in Geneva, the humanitarian capital of
the world, as well as with academic institutions anywhere to
produce short and medium-length films. We have produced some
short educational film clips for university programmes and as
a company “BROKEN” is our first major documentary film
production. We are a small team of specialists with expertise
in humanitarian and development related work with
a common understanding of the importance film
projects play in giving voice to the


– Dare to Envision –



We live in a world where international hard borders are built faster and in greater numbers than ever before in history, almost 70 since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Great Wall in China was obsolete by the time it was finished. Northern Ireland’s Peace Walls have little reputation for that. An American President is intent on building a wall making those to be shut out pay for it.

The Israeli government, in 2002, began the construction of a 700 km-long wall in the West Bank on the Palestinian side of the “Green Line”. Two years later, in its 2004 Advisory Opinion, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague declared the construction of a wall within occupied Palestinian territory illegal. The Palestinians and many in the international community saw the Court’s opinion as a turning point in the protracted conflict. Today, over 14 years later, the result is sobering: Israel has neither desisted from the Wall, which is twice as high and four times as long as the Berlin Wall, nor made any reparations. On the contrary, the Wall is nearing completion and most States have made little effort to secure compliance, although under an obligation to do so.

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The Genesis of BROKEN

Stefan Ziegler
Producer and Initiator
of the BROKEN Project
The story of Israel’s Wall in Palestine, of its daily impact on Palestinian lives, has been told from many different perspectives.  The other story, the story of the Wall and the broken promise of international law, is yet to be told. “BROKEN” tells that story. In 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) declared the Wall illegal, and called on States to support its Advisory Opinion. Although international representatives pledged their governments’ support at the UN General Assembly no tangible results have emerged to date, to the contrary, the Wall is nearing completion.

As a delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and later as head of the UN’s Barrier Monitoring Unit, and now as a film producer, I have been working on documenting the Wall’s impacts since 2005. I put my life’s blood into a job which could only be done by an outsider. When my Unit was disbanded in May 2013 due to lack of funds and lack of will, my job came to a sudden end. I asked myself, could I blithely leave my work there and continue my career elsewhere. Could I morally live with myself if I simply dropped my work and moved on to another job? Could I ignore a subject which I knew in more depth than almost anyone else? Could I abandon all these countless people, and all the communities directly impacted by the Wall, without regret?

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Well, I could not! Because of my personal commitment and in all consciousness, I could not simply leave the Wall on the rubbish tip of history. So I decided to put all of my effort into a feature-length documentary film, capturing those questions I had previously put to diplomats, foreign ministers, army officers, and journalists, unrelentingly, in search of the answer of international law’s applicability. The Wall has contributed to worsening the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But the Wall also represents an opportunity. Palestine seems to be an insoluble problem, probably the most intricate in the world, with so many cultures and their religions colliding in one small stretch of land. How does it get solved? The Wall brings the problems of the occupation into a very clear focus. If the international community has the will to deliver on its own promises, the resolution of conflict, based on the norms of international law, might be much more straightforward than could be anticipated. This is where the Wall and the precedent of the ICJ’s opinion can serve as a mechanism for change. It could mark the beginning of a process, applying international law universally, finally bringing two peoples together, if not in harmony, at least in toleration. More generally however, the Wall and the ICJ opinion also throw up vital questions, not only about international law in the current world, questions of the universality of international law, its coherence, the promises it makes, and its limitations, but also questions about the phenomenon of increasing walling-in of nations everywhere. This film will help increase awareness of international law’s potential in resolving this and other international conflicts. I have set up AdvocacyProductions – Dare to Envision – to produce documentary films aspiring to high ethical standards and inherent educational value. Stefan Ziegler

Learning Tools & Opportunities

BROKEN is of educational value. Stefan Ziegler, producer and initiator of the film, has 20 years of humanitarian experience and a background in praxis-oriented training and lecturing internationally. Find his carefully crafted educational tools for a variety of audiences and events

At your Event or via Conference Call

We happily accommodate your film screenings and events as best as we can. We have dedicated four colleagues additional to the filmmaker and producer to accompany your debates to cover as many events as possible. All of us are knowledgeable about the film and the subject matter and are committed to making your event interactive and memorable.

Please consult the Training Catalogue and send us a Contact Form with your enquiries

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Stefan Ziegler, the producer and initiator of the BROKEN film project, is an experienced trainer and lecturer on subjects related to humanitarian action, including humanitarian diplomacy, advocacy, humanitarian project management and international relations. He has worked for almost 20 years in conflict zones with the UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Stefan is available to hold training courses from one to five days duration, including lectures, workshops and retreats. For the film he has developed accompanying training and teaching modules to suit your institution’s curriculum (see Catalogue below). His training methodology addresses practitioners, academics and people generally interested in learning more about the context within which BROKEN was conceived

Please consult the Training Catalogue and send us a Contact Form with your enquiries.

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Multimedia Education Materials for Lectures

A comprehensive international survey among students and lecturers in international relations and international law found a gap in the delivery of multimedia material in those subjects. We have developed a learning module for lecturers to assist rendering undergraduate and postgraduate teaching more praxis-oriented and participative.

The module in the making is meant for students to work in groups toward a common learning objective. Their edited work will be published on the production company’s academic platform. The aim is to facilitate students’ involvement in hands-on motivational learning projects to further their career opportunities early on. Once the students’ projects are submitted and published on our platform they will receive a recognition for their contribution from AdvocacyProductions.

Please consult the Training Catalogue and send us a Contact Form with your enquiries

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By Stefan Ziegler, Associate Professor at Geneva School of Diplomacy

Stefan Ziegler, the producer and initiator of BROKEN and experienced humanitarian, in his role as Associate Professor at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, is no stranger to lecturing in academic settings nor to the public in general.

For more information about guest lecture topics ranging from humanitarian diplomacy, international relations, advocacy to humanitarian project management, additional to the film’s making, please consult the catalogue below.

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For Individuals

Our E-learning course leans on BROKEN-the-film in so far as it is based on academic training modules designed to comprehensively understand the documentary’s topics. It is developed to be accessible to anybody with an interest in learning and understanding, and regardless of educational background. It features many interactive learning tools taken straight from the film and put in broader contexts.

The E-learning Course will be available soon. For the modules addressed see the training catalogue.

Please consult the Training Catalogue and send us a Contact Form with your enquiries

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Learning Events

Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland

Executive Masters in Development Policies and Practices (DPP)
04 February 2019

Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations (GSD), Switzerland

Teaching and Research was at the origin of the Humanitarian Advocacy lectures starting in 2014 which led to the creation of the current Humanitarian Diplomacy Syllabus. It was first taught during the autumn semester in 2018 fully incoroprating the documentary “BROKEN”. Thanks go to both students and staff of the University for their invaluable input and lively discussions resulting in a welcome source of inspiration during the film’s production.

For an abridged version of the syllabus click below.

University of Geneva, Switzerland

BROKEN was shown to students and staff of the University of Geneva followed by a debate focusing on issues of development.
13 March 2019


An Educational Film Project in the Making                                                       


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