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AdvocacyProductions Sàrl
(limited company) is a Geneva-based film
production company whose strategy is to partner with
aid organisations, in Geneva, the humanitarian capital of
the world, as well as with academic institutions anywhere to
produce short and medium-length films. We have produced some
short educational film clips for university programmes and as
a company “BROKEN” is our first major documentary film
production. We are a small team of specialists with expertise
in humanitarian and development related work with
a common understanding of the importance film
projects play in giving voice to the



Director – Mohammed Alatar
Producer – Stefan Ziegler



“Broken” is a film by renowned film director Mohammed Alatar about International Law, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the Israeli Wall in Palestine: a tangled web of law, politics and power, and how history refuses to turn.

When the International Court of Justice elevates the Israeli-Palestine conflict to a new level of visibility in 2004, many see it as turning point in the history both of Palestine and of International Law. But will history turn? BROKEN is a filmmaker’s journey across three continents, attempting to find answers.

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Testimonials & Impressions

“Impressions of BROKEN’s genesis…                                                                         

…in an interview with the author, Stefan Ziegler”

“Cooperating on a project which puts people first and to witness first-hand what impacts the Wall was having was a lessons learning process for me, for life. To meet people who voluntarily contribute to help document these impacts and who are themselves impacted was one of the stronger moments of my work. But to help giving voice to those otherwise forgotten was the most gratifying task of all.”

Abeer Otman, Palestinian researcher

“Not to document the humanitarian impacts of the Wall on affected communities in the West Bank means the discourse no longer exists while people continue to live with the consequences in their daily lives. Not to do anything in view of injustice is to become a silent accomplice.”

Chizuko Hokari, postgraduate researcher on the environmental impacts of the Wall

“Applied research can have a very positive effect on people’s lives. This is what I was exposed to in the Barrier Monitoring Unit. To analyse the data and to document and spread the information to other organizations and governmental departments was to alleviate some of the suffering. The existence of a neutral body to document and publish the information in a professional way is essential for Palestinian communities and Palestine. Without this, change will not happen. I feel and see this in faces of people when I meet them. All communities see and feel the difference that happened simply because we were there and interested.”

Younes Dawoud, former UNRWA research assistant


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